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Laser Therapy Testimonials..


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Daisy's Story...

  • Daisy, our 10 year old lab, has been receiving K-Laser treatments for almost 6 months.  Before starting treatment, she struggled to play or run with her brother.  She needed pain medication just so she could walk on some days.  Starting after just a few treatments, results have been amazing!   Now without medicine, she can run and play, and climb onto the couch to snuggle.  We couldn't ask for better results.  Daisy is comfortable and active again, which makes us all so happy!


                                                          -Summer, Perryopolis


Duffy's Story...

  • Sometime after the first of the year, our Duffy fell mysteriously ill. His rear legs just stopped working. As he is at a distinct disadvantage because he is missing his left rear foot, we were more than concerned. After a battery of anti-inflammatories, and some antibiotics, he improved somewhat. You folks suggested laser treatments.He is now about to get his third maintenance treatment, and we could not be more pleased! Neither can Duffy! He is back to playing with all his toys, and watching all the doggy commercials on TV. I can't say he is a pup again, but at eight he is acting YEARS younger. So much for my skepticism.I am completely convinced these treatments would work on just about any animal and greatly improve their quality of life. We thank you!!    

                                                         - Charles & Marilyn, Vanderbilt                    


Rascal's Story...

  • Our 15 yr. old kitty Rascal has always been a joy for us.  Friendly to everyone, lap cat, the best greeter at the door, very much an important part of our family.  So when Rascal was diagnosed with arthritis in his lower spine area we knew we had to find someone or something to help him.  
    A friend just happened to mention Dr. Wolfe to us.  We made an appointment as a second opinion because we just weren't ready to give up on our buddy.  During Rascal's appointment, Dr. Wolfe explained laser therapy as an option for him - I knew as soon as he said it we were giving it a try.  Anything to help Rascal.
    He's received 6 treatments so far and seems to be responding well.  He's back to jumping on my daughter's bed again - something he stopped doing!  We've decided to continue with laser therapy to keep Rascal comfortable for as long as we can.  I can't thank my friend enough for mentioning Dr. Wolfe because we knew nothing about laser therapy (Rascal's primary vet didn't offer laser) and were at our wit's end on what to do for our kitty.

                                                      - Gary & Kim, Belle Vernon



Lucy's story...

  • I am Lucy's "mom".   Lucy is my four-year old boxer.  She has been plagued with a sore left hind leg for about 6 months.  Dr. Means suggested we try some meds to lessen any pain Lucy was having.  While she responded well to the pain meds, Lucy continued to limp on her back leg or not use it at all. I also kept her on a leash so she couldn't run at will. (My husband called her the arithmetic dog....put down 3 and carry 1. I know... not funny.)  Lucy does not like this.  She wants to RUN!!
    Dr. Means also suggested that we give Lucy Dasuquin, which is cosequin.  She LOVES these chews so there is no problem in getting her to take them.  I feel that these have helped Lucy too.
    At Lucy's wellness check on March 7, 2017, I spoke again with Dr. Means about Lucy being "gimpy" on that back leg.  Dr. Means recommended that we begin a series of 6 laser treatments on her left hind knee.  Lucy has done extremely well with these treatments.  She has completed all 6 of her treatments.  She is scheduled for a follow-up treatment on April 27, 2017.  I would like to see Lucy receive laser treatments on her left hip.  I think that would really be helpful for her also.  
    Lucy is once again enjoying running a playing.  While I do keep her on a leash at times when I take her out to potty, I am giving her more and more time to be free.  I am doing this in stages so as not to put stress on her leg.    
    Laser treatments have really helped Lucy.  I would recommend them to any pet owner.  If ther are any pet owners out there that are not sure about laser treatments, I would say try them.  So much better than having your pet have to go throught surgery.  
    I'm sure Lucy would have typed this letter herself, bur she's busy...napping!
                                                      - Linda, Belle Vernon



Aniek's Story...

  • I was a bit apprehensive about the laser treatment but now I am glad we had the treatment on Aniek. Our husky was not active and her legs shook. She didn't want to do much. After her treatments she wanted to play again and run around. I would recommend this to everyone. I am pleasantly surprised at the difference. 


                                                             -Terri, Belle Vernon   


Mack and Lucy's Story...   

  • My name is Linda, from Centerville, and I have 2 dogs. Mack, a 95 pound retriever mix and Lucy, a 60 pound collie mix. Mack is 15 and Lucy is 13. They both are very sweet, good, loving dogs. They both had trouble walking. Somehow, as they get older, because of osteoarthrites, their back legs sometimes "give out". 
    Fortunately, there is a very successful treatment. Laser Therapy, that is only available, as far as I know, at Fayette Veterinary Hospital. Both of my dogs have done very well and can now walk and I am so glad.
    It makes me feel good to know I am doing this for them.

                                                        -Linda, Centerville